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TTLP Head Office
Address:Suite F - 4230 - 4th Avenue
Y1A 1K1
Teslin Office
Address:PO Box 133
Y0A 1B0

TTLP Board Members
Name Title Email Phone
Richard Sidney President and Director, Yanyedi Representative 867.456.4203
Kelly Morris Vice President and Director, Ishkitan Representative 867.390.2532 ext. 330
Lori Joe Director, Kukhhittaan Representative 867.390.2532 ext. 325
Delores Jackson Director, Deshitan Representative 867.668.7490
Carl Smarch Director, Daklawedi Representative 867.390.2532 ext. 255
Doug Smarch Sr. Director, Elder Representative 867.390.2559
Riel Sidney Director, Youth Representative 867.668.3252

TTLP Company Officers
Name Title Email Phone
Richard Sidney President and Director 867.456.4202
Stephen Phillips Secretary and Legal Counsel 867.668.7668
Justin Halowaty, CMA C.E.O. 867.456.4202

TTLP Management
Name Title Email Phone
Justin Halowaty, CMA Chief Executive Officer, Tle' Nax T'awei Inc 867.456.4202
Bill Dallas Chief Operating Officer, Tle'Nax T'awei Inc 867-456-4202
Desiree Balderas Manager, Human Resources, Tle' Nax T'awei Inc 867.456.3350
Kelly Kirby General Manager Whitehorse Beverages 867-456-2273
Mike Palamar Sales Manager Whitehorse Beverages & Foods 867-667-2273
Paul Scholz General Manager, Klondike Busness Solutions and New West Technologies 867.456.3053
John MacPhail Sales Manager, Klondike Business Solutions 867.668.3082
Clayton Hadley General Manager, General Waste Management , McInroy Disposals & Yukon Water Services 867.456.3396
Rick Ewen General Manager, Kamloops Office Systems & Hartman Business Machines 250.372.0955
Doug McCannan General Manager, Yellowknife Beverages 867-669-7662
Brenda Riis General Manager, Yukon Inn & Plaza 867.667.2527

TTLP Staff
Name Title Email Phone